About Us

IDesign focuses on the design phase of software development with our methodology that combines system design with project design.

We have helped hundreds of companies to deliver on their commitments, and our Master Classes launched the careers of thousands of software architects the world over.

IDesign's goal is to affect a change on the software industry, to help it mature into a modern engineering discipline. Software design today (if practiced at all) is still practiced as a craft, rather than a repeatable engineering methodology, in spite of the availability of an established well-known body of knowledge and design patterns. IDesign managed to literally mechanize the act of designing software systems. Design is not time consuming or even expensive, but done poorly it has drastic detrimental effect on the overall cost, time to market, maintainability, extensibility, quality, and even the developers morale and turnover rate.

Using an analogy from the civil engineering industry, IDesign is really the engineering company that provides the building's blueprints. While designing a building can be done in weeks, constructing it may take a couple of years. The same is true with software design: our engagements are relatively short, as little as two to five dedicated, effective days, where we analyze the requirements and produce the design.

All of IDesign's architects have unmatched experience with designing systems and projects, as well as world-renowned reputation.

We find there is no substitute for the in-person guidance, attention, and long terms relationship with our customers, the architects and project managers. Our Master Classes, private Alumni forum, and clinics aim to produce not just experts, but leaders, who can head their team and projects across design, technology, and process. We stay in touch with our customers, often for years, guiding their careers.

The IDesign Team

All of IDesign’s architects have unmatched experience with designing systems and projects, as well as world-renowned reputation as industry leaders...

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Industry Leadership

IDesign thought leadership is well established: from recognizing the benefits of microservices long before the industry, to outlining the IoT...

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IDesign's customers range from some of the largest Fortune 100 companies to the smallest startup. This is no surprise since regardless of size of the company or the project...

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